Monday, October 18, 2010

Soooo Excited

I know what I will be doing for my B-day next year. ;) I will be meeting Robert Englund. Yippy. He will be at the next Frightmare Weekend.

I can't wait. This year I went and met Elvira. What a Thrill. If you have never been to a frightmare convention it is awesome. This year was my first and I had sooo much fun i thouht i was gonna pop.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Half way there.

Halloween is almost here. The chill has finally arrived here in Dallas and I am soo glad for it. It makes work a little bit easier and the dogs seem to be in a better mood. Right now it's puppy heaven in the kennel. I have fallen for two of them so far. One being a little long haired german shepard named Gracie. She is just too cute for words. And she is soo smart. You got to see her drag the Kong toy across the yard back to me. Its almost as big as her. LOL. The other baby is Biatche. (yes thats her name. Mean huh?) She is a 10 month old rotti. She is so afriad of everything and I know its the owners fault for it. The first day she was there she was soo scared she tried crawling up one of the kennel walls to get away from me. Now I am like her safety blanket. She never leaves my side. I take her into the yard to get he use to everything and to build her confadence, but she stays right next to me or lays her head on my lap. She reminds me of Bevo. I miss him.

This week has flown by soo fast i cant believe it. Me and Aj have been doing lots of fall cleaning and getting ready for a garage sale now that he weather is nice. October is always busy for me. Cooking Crafting and going out and havin fun.

I finally ordered my Halloween costume. I thought I would never find one in my size. They were sold out everywhere I looked. But I found one on ebay. I love ebay. Its the greatest thing. THats were I got my costume last year. This year I am going to go as a 80's classic. Miss Freddy Krueger.

I wanted to go as a Ghostbuster this year but I didnt like the ones they had for sale. Im going to make mind next year in my own design. Its going to be awsome.

We also went and got our niece a costume this week. After many costume changing sestions she decided on the bumble bee. Its is a really cute costume. Worth every sent. Most halloween costumes now a days are soo cheap its rediculous. I bought a pair of cat ears while we were at Party city and they fell apart as soon as i open the package. Now i have to sew them back together so i can wear them to work. Speacking of work and Halloween. I have to get ready for the Kennels Halloween Party. I don't know what to make for the potluck. I was gonna make a pumpkin cake but two other people are making cake. So maybe I will make Your Dead Meanballs with Attack of the Killer Tomaoto Sauce. Or Vampire Stakes. (My famouse Garlic Pretzels) Get it Now?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Long time no....

I know its been a while since I have writen anything. The Truth is life has been pretty crappy lately. I just couldnt find the energy to open my laptop and write. In fact I don't really want to talk about whats been going on. Right now Im just trying to get threw it. One slow long day after another. It just seems like if it isnt one thing its another. One after another after another after another. And Im not just talking about my life. Things are not going so well for the people closest to me either. But I know things will get better. It has to right. You can only go some far down. But I am here alive. Still screaming and kicking my way threw this life. So don't worry about me. But if its your thing please pray for my friends and Family. I think they could use the help. Thank You.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

your killing me smalls

Today I got to walk one of the biggest mastiffs I have ever seen. And his name is Fifi. (Not kidding)It was like walking a bear. He makes Mongo look like a chihuahua. LOL. He is soo sweet though. A gentle giant as they say. If you have ever seen the Sandlot (one of my all time favorite movies) he looks like the dog from the junk yard scene. The one in the story, not the one you see at the end. I am not kidding he's huge. Fifi is 165lbs. I was hoping Mongo would get that big but no luck. He is only 125. Still rather big. LOL. While I was in the yard walking Fifi a co worker walked out with a little poodle. The Poodle took one look at Fifi and froze. She was not going one more step into the same yard as Fifi. The poor thing must of feared for its little life. lol.
After coming home I had to watch The Sandlot. I don't care how old I get or how many times I see it, it makes me laugh my ass off.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ketching up

Garage Find

AJ and I took a new route to work today and passed a garage sale. I miss Garage sales. I haven't got to go on any this year. You find the coolest stuff. And as we are driving by I saw this. And I wanted it really really bad but I had to go to work. So I started begging AJ to go back for me. He kept telling me no. I don't need it. Where the hell would I put? I begged him all the way to work. I even tried my pouty face. It didn't work he said he was not going to go back for it. But when he came to get me for lunch my giant yellow m&m was sitting in the back seat. Yea!!! Happy Day.

It's a little scratched up but I can fix it. I saw one at one off my old jobs and have wanted one sense. Now I have won for the small price of 5$. I think at Halloween Im gonna fill it with Candy. LOL.

Scrapbook Convention
I made out like a bandit. Every where I went I found clearance items.

I couldn't believe all the booths. I had walked into a small piece of heaven.

My new Tattoo
Well this the first part of it anyway. I plan to get the whole foot cover in the next few months. A little at a time. The foot is a pretty sensitive area. I got my old Chinese symbols covered. I didn't like them any more. They were just something stupid I got at 18.


This is Rick Tucker at Hellbent Tattoos
Shrek in 3D

I saw my first 3D movie. Shrek Forver After. I loved it. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it wasn't in 3D. The Glasses where just so hot too.

Mc Donalds
Happy Meals- Took my neice out for McDonalds both of us got the Happy Meals. We were both trying to get the Gingy watch and we both got the RumpleStiltskin toys So I went up to the counter to trade them in. They only had one Gingy watch left. Of course I had to give it to my neice. What kind of Aunt would I be if I didnt give it to her. She's lucky I love her. LOL.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Work is getting better

I finally got problem boy's attention and his not happy. Not happy at all. But I am. His ass is going to straighten up or he will be finding a new job. If you are soo desperate for this job start acting like it. I'm tried of you siting on your ass while everyone else is working. Do you know how many people out there that would take your job for less then what you are being paid? Its hard times out there and you are lucky to have this job. No. Seriously. Do you really know how lucky you are to have this job? You are not this brightest crayon in the box, even for this job.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated B-day Update

Oh my god. Last week was soo long and soo amazing. I would have posted this sooner but I had to catch up on my sleep.
I got a hair cut. Not that big a of a deal exsept for the fact that I have not had a hair cut in over 3 years. I decide to get bangs. I was tired of being blinded by my white forehead.
Then I dyed it. Purple and aqua. Well we tried. It didn't turn out so well. But I will try again until I get it right. LOL.

My New Bag

Isn't it cute?? Its a Gargoyle.

I turned 26.

All of us went to Dave and Busters
We had the same waiter as last year
Got the waiter to sing to my sister.LOL.
I got to see a really old friend from High school.

Sooo much food

B-day Goodies

We had the waiter sing to my sister instead of me. LOL

Went to Frightmare Convention 2010

This from the new nightmare on Elm St

They said this bike is from the Book of Eli

I met Elvira

She is soo nice. Her pen ink kept smearing on the pictures. She wouldn't let me have one until it came out perfect. She must of thrown away like 5 pictures.

I wonder what he's looking at. lol

Halloween Came early.

They had a stand at Frightmare that would gore you up. Bullet holes head and flesh wounds. I couldn't resist. Especially for the price he was doing it for.

I couldn't resist getting another picture of my face.

So many people wanted to take my picture I was sorta embarassed. I don't really like getting my picture taken. But I am never goin tosee these people again.

This was the only picture I could get of him.

After the convention I wanted to get some frames for my autographs. So they wouldnt get damaged. I walked around Walmart still wearing my made up face. It was soo funny watching people freak out. They couldn't understand what they were seeing. Its way too far away for Halloween So what the Hell is see doing looking like that??? People react soo straingly. One guy who was talking on the phone forgot how to walk. A little boys head almost snapped off he turned his head so far around to look. The girl all Burger King just stared at me like a deer in the headlights. An a guy a 7-11 kept looking at me and then back at AJ like what this hell???
All and all it was a good day. Look what I got out of it.

Grrrr my zombie face.

I wanted to keep this on all night because I was wanted to go to the zombie walk in the morning. But I had to work. :